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5 Price+Currency
Clean an Repair


Error system

ICT code Setup
Index Table

Invoiced Status

Logo info from Stampdef

PageWizard reset

Password generation

Production status update


Release Licenses


Reset category block

Reset invoicing

Reset tables

Shipment export
Template Counter

XML tools

5 Price+Currency

This option is used to enable you to choose from up to 4 different prices for one and the same product. Read more about this.

Clean and Repair

This includes SOSET table clean and repair tools.
Most of these options can be used to overcome problems with corrupted data or other database-related problems. 
It is advised to have a good backup of your SOSET-system, before using them. You might consider consulting Namosoft to be sure if a functionality will help you to cover your problem.


Various tools for the conversion of data into the SOSET tables.
Use only after consulting a Namosoft representative. Special conversions can be developed for your specific situation.

Error System

Can be used to find cause of an occurred error. Namosoft staff might request you to run one of tyhese options for analysis purposes.

ICT code Setup

This procedure will automatically preset the field VAT-type for all your customers in the Customertable.
Based on the following tax-options, to be specified in the tax-table:
01=VAT domestic
02=countries within EU
03=countries outside EU
04=other tax-options, like tax exempt

Index table

Options for re-indexing of SOSET tables. Re-indexing is strongly recommended after power failure.
Make sure to close these before starting a reindex procedure.

Also read this.


Invoiced Status

Used to set the invoiced status for old orders. This will mark them for archiving.

Logo Info from Stampdef

Will create an overview of all logo's used in all typeset-StampDef-fields.

PageWizard Reset

Resets the PageWizard status of stamps. This command should be used with GREAT care! More information.

Production status update
The archive-option in SOSET NamoSys and SOSET NamoUtil are not designed to create space and will only slightly compress data.
In general we do not recommend to delete data and/or files to generate diskspace.
Harddrives come with huge volumespace and database-systems are designed to handle large volume tables.
Searching for information within SOSET is faster than any other search. By simply entry of jobs, the data are simply build up and should be used.
The archive-procedure  is meant to get archive-files for each year and to enable you to isolate these.
The archive-procedure also checks data and correct errors and re-write the job-files, which improves disc-access and usually optimizes the performance of databases in general.

To prepare your tables for archiving use this. When the procedure has finished you can archive stamp via the Archive option in NamoSys.


Procedure to generate documents for all your vendors about changes and request for digital data-interface with your SOSET-tables.
Needs to be customized for your specific pruposes.

Release Licenses

Option to free all licenses after an unexpected program end or fatal error. You may use this option at any time. This does not have an effect to possible active use of SOSET.


Various reports generated from SOSET-table-data.

Reset category block

To avoid conflicting categories, the category-table can only be edited by one person at the time. A possible hanging block (due to power failure) can be reset with this option.

Reset invoicing

Starting up of invoicing is blocked at the moment that any error occurs during the invoicing routines. In order to avoid serious damage of data this block can only be reset after verifying backup and after solving the cause of the error.
Call Namosoft before using this option and to get a code for activation.

Reset tables

This option resets some  table information to its original contents. This allows you to test. 
What does this procedure do?
  1. All orders in the order table are deleted.
  2. All ship-to addresses are deleted.
  3. Sales and invoice-data are deleted in customer, customer-group and product tables.
  4. Information in history tables are deleted.
  5. Archive files are deleted.
  6. Payment data are deleted.
  7. Accounting export tables are deleted.

At the end of the routine you may re-enter the first available invoice- and ordernumber in the system-table.
Note: customer, customergroup, product and typesetting information remain untouched.

Shipment Export

Export of data into specific formats. Can be used to digitally interface with shipping companies.
Contact Namosoft to find out which option will fit to your specific circumstances or for custom interfaces.

Template Counter

Specifies the amount of templates for each product and per customer-group in the Stamp-table. Use in conjunction with web-setup.


This option simplifies the initial setup of a multi-language database-system. The SOSET software already offers screen-texts in multiple languages.
Now you can have the product and category information in any language.
In SOSET Order-entry you will find the option: Maintain, Product and Maintain Category.
In both screens you will find a "L"-button next to the description fields. There you can enter the translation of the various texts in several languages.

For the initial set-up you can use the Translation option fromNamoUtil.
In Namoutil you Open the product-table. You may specify a filter with View, Set filter.
Next you choose SOSET Utils, Translation, Create translation file.
A txt-file will be created.

Open this file in a text-editor (Notepad e.g.). This looks as follows:
1 ==DO NOT EDIT!!!===

Do NOT edit this line, as this is the identifier
You can overwrite this line with your own wording! 
You can overwrite this line with your own wording! 
You can overwrite this line with your own wording! 
You can overwrite this line with your own wording! 
Here you can write text in Norwegian,e.g.!


Do NOT edit one of the other labels or lines, only the texts between the language labels.
Contact Namosoft if you need to add another language.
NOTE: you might have the same prodname various times; these texts do not need to be translated again and again. Only fill out the translation once. SOSET will find the same translations for the other products.

Once you are done with the translation, you save the file as a TXT-file. This is very important. If you save it e.g. as a Word-file it want work!

Next you start the procedure to have the texts in the appropriate table in SOSET.
In Namoutil you choose SOSET Utils, Translation, Import from translation file.

You may now also use the following tool in the Namosys program:
Namosys > Utils menu > Add language text.
In the "text" field enter the original text (i.e. the English text) you want to change or translate. In the "Translation" field you can enter your translation on a per language basis. After you entered the new translation it becomes immediately effective on the website.



For these tools a special license is required. Please contact Namosoft for more information.

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