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FAQ75 How to set up a VPN connection for remote assistance
Subject: How to set up a VPN connection for remote assistance.
Solution: To enable us to assist you, we might require access to your network and/or pc.
The easiest way to enable this is with a so-called: Virtual Private Network (VPN).
This is a part of Windows XP professional and can be used via the Internet-connection you have.
You can find more information here and/or contact your ISP.

A LogMeIn connection is however easier to set up! See: on-site support
Solution: For 'on-site' support we require to have access to your computer with a remote-access application.
We prefer using TeamViewer software. This is simple to install and use, free of charge.

You can download an app to enable the remote connection via the following link:
-NamoSoft Remote Connection App
-Run the setup and follow the instructions and send us the ID number and password from the Allow Remote Control dialog.
-We will logon and access your system.
-NamoSoft will take over control of your PC and can do support, file transfer andother required activities.
-NamoSoft will end the connection.


If you are using a different version of TeamViewer then turn it completely off: right-click on the TeamViewer icon on the Windows bottombar and exit TeamViewer.

Be advised that, according to our terms and conditions, NamoSoft BV does not accept any liability for damage resulting from the use of products and/or support delivered by NamoSoft BV.
Please read the terms and conditions to know more about this.
These services use existing Internet connections. In this way an optimum, cost-efficient and fastest support possible.
advanced support
Solution: For advanced on-site support we require a remote connection to the Soset installation. The prefered ways of a remote connection are:
1) Using windows remote desktop either directly or through a vpn connection.
2) Using a LogMeIn connection. See: on-site support


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